Interpreting File Numbers

Each file number listed below each photo gives information about when and where the photo was taken. Files numbers consist of three capital letters followed by three numbers, an underscore, and then a string of four numbers. Here's how it works:

The THREE CAPITAL LETTERS show which event at which the photo was taken:

ISP - Islip Town Drill, 8/27

WES - Westbury Invitational Drill at Denton Ave., 8/7

TAN - Suffolk County Invitational Drill at Tanner Park, 7/10

FAR - Farmingville Invitational at Ridge, 7/17

CIS - Central Islip Invitational Drill, 7/31


The SET OF THREE NUMBERS has additional information about the photo:

FIRST NUMBER: Usually a "1" or a "2". This is for in-house use.

SECOND & THIRD NUMBERS: The year of the event, e.g. "04"


The STRING OF FOUR NUMBERS designates the individual frame number of that photo, e.g. "0054"

Therefore, a file number of "TAN104_0054" would mean the photo was shot at the Tanner Park Drill in 2004, and is frame #54.

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