Photos from the

Nassau and Suffolk Counties Drill Team Association

2004 Racing Season

by Michael Heller


The Wolves' C-truck crew hooks up at the Islip Town Drill, 8/27

Hello! and welcome to this year's selection of photos from the 2004 racing season! Simply choose your favorite team from the list below, and it will take you to the team's page of whatever photos I may have from this year's events.

Each photo has a file number that you can refer to when viewing them, and which also tells which event the photo was taken at. For a Legend of event/track abbreviations used in the file number, click here. DISCLAIMER: I've done the best I can to distinguish which photos are of which teams, but since some team uniforms are similar in color - and you jokers sometimes don't wear your team colors - there may be a couple of photos grouped in with the wrong team. If you catch a mistake, please do e-mail me and let me know so I can change it.

I hope you enjoy the photos. If you're interested in purchasing any, I am selling 8x10 prints for $15.00 each; cash is preferred. Larger sizes are available too upon special request. Give me a call or e-mail me using the information provided below.

Please note too: all of the photos are protected by copyright and are for personal use ONLY.  They may NOT be used for any commercial purposes without express written permission.

I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the NYSDTA officials, as well as all of the teams and their members, for their courtesy and hospitality and for allowing me the access to make these images.

Stay safe out there. And now, with no futher ado: "Gentlemen, START YOUR SNEAKERS!"

Michael Heller, President, 911 Pictures
(631) 324-2061

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